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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Commercial Construction

Our commercial construction process is one where our success is focused on understanding your budget, design, plan, and procurement. Before we lay the foundation, experts from our team will get together to ensure your commercial construction project will provide you with your desired outcome.

3P's In A Pod construction specializes in development services, project building, project planning/scheduling, licensing and permitting, design build, quality control, ground up construction, retail/commercial buildouts, restaurant design and builds, major structural repairs, subcontracting, and project management.


Residential Construction

 3P's In A Pod believes there is no place like home and the ability to provide for you and your future through appreciating real estate investments is priceless. We get great satisfaction out of being able to put our energy into helping people make the best decisions with real estate investments. We love it when we can present our clients with the inside track to exclusive properties. With many years of experience in real estate, we will make the process of building a home for your family, business, and  community as easy as possible. 


Our pre-construction services cover a large range of jobs and activities that need to be completed before the start of a project. These services are to help lay out the foundation for the project, which aids in the success of a construction project by making progress be as smooth at possible. Services may happen at different points depending on what type of project delivery method was used. These services are offered by project managers, engineers, contractors, and architects. Pre-construction services often cover the following: Creating the initial building design, helping you get building permits, providing conceptual estimates, soil testing, and helping create a schedule for your project. 


Site Management

We are responsible for the day-to-day on site running of a construction project. One of our priorities will be keeping within the timescale and budget of a project, and manage any delays or problems encountered on-site during a construction project. We will also be involved in the roles of managing the quality control, health and safety checks and the inspection of work carried out. Many of our site managers will be involved before site activity takes place, and are responsible for managing communications between all parties involved in the on-site development of the project.  

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